Healthy meals are the foundation of growth, early child
development and education.
Food Program and Nutrition
Eating Right Every Day
We believe nutrition and healthy eating habits are fundamental skills for young
children, and we play an important role in helping your child learn about and enjoy
a variety of nutritious foods each day.

It is our goal to provide a variety of healthful and acceptable meals and snacks that
are nutritious for children, safe, developmentally appropriate and properly
portioned for your child. Our menu is planned by a registered dietitian to provide
wholesome meals and satisfying snacks that meet federal and state requirements
and guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
And, we work with food manufacturers to create appropriate portion sizes and
nutritional ingredients for children.

We provide your child with opportunities to enjoy healthful foods that promote
growth and allow them to learn food preferences and dietary habits that help them
live a healthy lifestyle so they are ready for early child development and learning.

Servings & Nutrition for Children

Bronwyn's Place serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. However, meals,
menus and snack service may vary during the day. Please check with your monthly
menu. For more information ask the Director for a copy.

We provide meals and snacks that include a variety of food groups including meat
and meat alternates, bread and grains, fruits, vegetables and fluid milk .

Our meals and snacks provide nutrition for children including carbohydrates,
proteins and fat to give children energy, while maintaining total calories within
recommended ranges specific to a child’s age group and level of activity.

On average over a school week we aim to not exceed 35 percent of total calories
from fat, 10 percent calories from saturated fat and minimal grams trans-fat.
Additionally, we strive to serve meals and snacks that have limited added sugar
and sodium and increased dietary fiber. Our meal planning is based on current
scientific research and recommendations.

You can have confidence that we provide your child with wholesome meals to help
them grow strong, healthy and happy.

Healthy Eating at Home

Here are a few tips for healthy eating habits in your home, and information about
how we support these goals in our child day care:

Serve More Whole Grains. Dietary guidelines strongly encourage that children
consume whole grain products often. Most children eat plenty of grains but few are
getting enough “whole grains”. Foods that are whole grains consist of the entire
grain seed. Our menu offers a minimum of one whole grain serving per day.
Additionally, we aim to serve at least 3 whole grains per week at breakfast and one
whole grain per week at snack.
Focus on Fruits, Vary the Vegetables. Dietary guidelines recommend that we
choose a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables each day. In particular, we are
encouraged to select from a variety of vegetable subgroups including dark green
and orange vegetables and beans. At Bronwyn's Place child care, a medley of
fruits fresh, and vegetables are offered daily at meals and snacks. We don't serve  
fruit juice. Milk and Rice milk and water with every meal. Additionally, we aim to
serve at least three weekly servings of fresh fruit and or raw (or lightly steamed)
whole vegetables.
Mmmmm, is for Milk (and Milk Products). When children consume a variety of milk
and milk products they are providing their bodies with vitamins and minerals
essential for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Dietary guidelines
recommend that children age 2 to 8 years consume at least two cups per day of low
fat milk or equivalent milk products each day. We offer children age two and older
1%  fluid milk daily at breakfast and lunch. For children age 12-24 months, we offer
whole milk only. Low-fat yogurt and cheese are also a regular part of our meals and

For more information about childhood eating guidelines and ideas for teaching
your child about food, please visit the USDA at

Allergens & Adaptations

If you child has a special nutritional need or requires an adaptation to our menu, we
will work with your family to create a plan that adequately meets your child’s needs.

Please if your child has a known allergy or nutrition need. Let us know and have a
list of information send to us.


Our menus rotate on a four-week schedule to provide variety for your child.

Menus are grouped by ages:

Infants and toddlers age 2 and under
Children ages 3 to 5
School-age children (age 5+ through 12 years)

Menus change two times each year:

Fall /Winter (October - March)
Spring/Summer  (April - September)

Check with Director or pick up a copy of the menu in box for parents.
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